1. raisa-allin:

    craving some tit slapping.. never really feels the same when you do it yourself! 

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  3. you-saucy-minx:

    Topless Tuesday! Finger Ring Friends!

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  5. mirahxox:

    New video called “O Face II” and it’s being uploaded to my ClipVia and ELM (the upper shot is the actual quality of the video and the gif is a preview)

    Another orgasm face video focussing on my facial expressions as I masturbate with my hitachi wand. This time instead of a straight on angle of my face, it’s from beside my bed. I look up at the camera as I moan and cum, and then play with my breasts a little in the afterglow. Shot with my iphone 5c, so it’s HD quality. 4 minutes 46 seconds in length.

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  8. paaartyfowl:



    Drew Barrymore was such a babe in the 90’s

    She’s so cute.

    Omg she’s always so sexy omfg

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